Crush Event Speaker: Johanna Rönkkö, CEO of NBI Nordic Beauty Inc.

crush event Mar 07, 2024
Johanna Rönkkö, CEO of NBI Nordic Beauty Inc.

Introducing Crush Speaker


Nordic Beauty Inc., which specializes in introducing premium international brands to the Nordics and Europe, recently launched NOBE™, a new Finnish natural skincare line. Recognized by Fashion Snoops from New York as a top Nordic beauty trend, the focus is on products designed to bring together Nordic innovation and nature to provide the health benefits of Nordic nature to urban people even during the long winter.

"Forest Spa in a Bottle" brings healing microbes to the skin, while cooling care products offer the benefits of a Nordic breeze and Nordic superfoods like oat oils from Fazer, which nourish, hydrate, and calm the skin. Notably, NOBE, launched just a year ago in Finland, has gained international attention and won over 10 awards, affirming the rise of the Nordic Beauty trend. Johanna Rönkkä, CEO of NBI Nordic Beauty Inc., attributes this success to the growing presence of beauty brands in the Nordic region, transforming the trend into a global phenomenon.

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