Intersection of Inspiration and Business Action for New Rebel Leaders.

Together, we'll shape a more inclusive and equitable future. 


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Movement for new rebel leaders.

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The Helsinki Stock Exchange Building (Pörssitalo) takeover will be better with YOU!

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Welcome Crush Event 8.5.2024

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Crush Eve by Shevestments 7.5.2024

"Invest in Her" evening for investors at the Helsinki Stock Exchange Building.

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Crush Event 8.5.2024

Over 20 speakers in a world class conference, pitching competition and more! Join us at Stock Exchange Building in Helsinki.

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SHIFT x Crush 29-30.5.2024

Crush is going to Turku! We will host two panels at Shift Business festival held at the Joki in Turku. 

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Crush Movement brings thought leaders together to redefine what success means today. Together we crush the patriarchic norms, and build a better future by empowering feminine energy and soft values.  

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 Crush Event

250 change-makers will get together to create an impact in the business world and society at Crush 2024 on May 8th. 

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We feature stories about entrepreneurship and leadership with inspirational thought-leaders.


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Akateeminen x Crush Event

WOW Your Authenticity: Empowering Business Women to Be Themselves

Shevestments SPARK Pitching Competition Investor "Sharks" Announced

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Akateeminen x Crush: Paneelikeskustelut naisille jotka muuttavat ma...

Crush Event Speaker: Shadia Rask, PhD & Research Manager (THL), Bo...

Crush Event Speaker: Dr. Aura Pyykönen, OB/GYN, Founder, Natal Mind

Crush Event Speaker: Rasheka Scott, Lawyer and Board Member

Crush Event Speaker: Janiina Lammi, Investment Director, Vendep Cap...

Our purpose


We crush the patriarchic norms.

We focus on bringing feminine power into business.

We curiously discover new ways to bring people and ideas together.

Our heart beats for women who redefine what success means.

We will change the world through female entrepreneurship.