Crush Event Speaker: Krista Pohjanlehto, Nordic Retail Industry Lead, Google

crush event Mar 07, 2024
Krista Pohjanlehto

Introducing Crush Speaker

Krista Pohjanlehto has over a decade of experience working with digital marketing, B2B sales and sales leadership from startups to tech companies and consulting. Currently positioned at Google, Krista plays a pivotal role in assisting global brands from Finland to excel in the competitive global market. Serving as the local Head of Digital Marketing Transformation Program, she is deeply invested in driving excellence in the digital landscape.

Before joining Google, Krista achieved success by launching and scaling an ad tech startup in the Finnish market, demonstrating her adeptness in navigating and thriving in competitive environments.

Beyond her corporate roles, Krista is a founder and board member of the Future Female network, a pioneering force in the tech diversity movement since 2010. Additionally, she is the co-founder and host of the award-winning Ruuhkavuosirakkautta podcast. Her passion extends to system-level change-making, as evidenced by her founding of an online peer-to-peer marketplace despite having zero coding knowledge. In essence, Krista's leadership philosophy revolves around prioritizing people, building high-performing teams, and executing strategies with Google-caliber rigor to achieve transformative results in the digital landscape.

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