Crush Speaker: Laura McGrath, Founder, CEO, Lola&Lykke

crush event Apr 30, 2024
Laura McGrath

Introducing Crush Speaker

Laura McGrath is the visionary leader behind Lola&Lykke, a groundbreaking women's health company dedicated to transforming maternal care through a unique blend of technology and physical products.

Laura and Lola&Lykke’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social impact is evident in their work. They prioritize women's well-being, and their focus goes beyond business to social responsibility. Women make up more than 50% of the world´s population and make most of the healthcare decisions for their families. It´s time to bring cutting-edge science out of the labs and into the hands of every woman.

Laura is building a company that will change the lives of millions and the attitudes of all. In Laura´s words, ´how can we be on the brink of artificial generalized intelligence, but still not understand and treat basic women´s health issues with the rigour and respect they deserve?´

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