Crush Event Speaker: Aaro Angerpuro, Sustainability Analyst, Impaktly

crush event Apr 30, 2024

Introducing Crush Speaker

Aaro Angerpuro is a Sustainability Analyst at Impaktly, dedicated to integrating sustainability at the heart of businesses to encourage regenerative growth. He has been recognized as one of the top young change-makers of 2024 in Finland by Ashoka. Aaro led the Nordic Business Diversity Index 2024 by Impaktly, a research initiative on leadership diversity of over 600 Nordic Nasdaq-listed companies. 

 His commitment extends into advocacy as he is a member of the Nuorten Agenda 2030 group, promoting sustainable development under Finland’s Sustainable Development Committee. He is also representing in the Kehityspoliittinen toimikunta (Development Policy Committee of Finland). Additionally, Aaro is the co-creator of the Giggeli project, a social impact initiative that through design promotes body positivity and sexual education and challenges societal taboos

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