WOW Your Authenticity: Empowering Business Women to Be Themselves

crush event Apr 12, 2024

Written by Women Of Wonders, Essi Koski-Lammi and Jenni Demus.  Follow us on Instagram @wowyourwork & join the WOW movement.  

Be You, Be Successful 

In the business world, authenticity often takes a backseat to professionalism. Especially for women, it can be challenging to become visibly authentic. However, research shows that embracing authenticity can be a game-changer for women leaders, entrepreneurs, and businesswomen, increasing their freedom to be themselves in the office. 

Authenticity is a powerful tool for success, enabling women to build genuine connections, inspire collaboration, and find personal fulfillment in their careers.


The Importance of Authenticity

 Authenticity is more than just being true to yourself.

It's about feeling worthy, enough, and safe to embrace your unique identity, needs, values, soul purpose, and signature gifts in every aspect of your personal and professional life. 

When you cultivate a strong sense of self-worth, you gain the confidence to navigate challenges, assert boundaries, and express themselves authentically. This fosters a sense of psychological safety, where you feel secure to take risks, make mistakes, and show vulnerability without fear of judgment.


The Power of Authenticity at Work

 When you align with your authenticity at work, you:

  • Cultivate Trust and Credibility: Authentic leaders foster genuine connections with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, laying the foundation for trust and credibility in the workplace.
  • Inspire Collaboration: Authentic leaders inspire collaboration by embracing their own and their employees' perspectives and experiences, driving innovation and positive change within their organizations.
  • Feel Personal Fulfillment: Embracing authenticity allows women leaders to break free from societal expectations and lead with confidence and integrity, leading to greater personal fulfillment and satisfaction in their careers.


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Essi & Jenni


Meet the Speakers – Women Of Wonders (WOW)

 Women Of Wonders is a shared soul mission of Jenni Demus and Essi Koski-Lammi, where they help business women thrive through feminine power and qualities. Jenni and Essi have been immersed in the spiritual world and personal development from a young age, receiving a significant portion of the teachings from their parents. Their quest for self-discovery has spanned over two decades, leading them to live and work internationally, with extensive experience in business, marketing, and advertising sectors.

Throughout their careers, they have witnessed how the business world operates predominantly with masculine energy. This can be particularly inauthentic, draining, and stagnant for women, hindering the full utilization of their potential. Jenni and Essi are now determined to assist businesswomen in discovering an entirely new and fulfilling way of doing business rooted in feminine wisdom, authenticity, and resources.

In practical terms, they help clients to:

  • Identify your deeper purpose and how it aligns with your business objectives, leading to a greater sense of meaning and direction
  • Adopt a holistic leadership approach that combines empathy with sturdiness and intuitive insights with analytical thinking, paving the way for well-being and an innovative work environment
  • Channel your focus toward core business priorities, minimize stress, and optimize the use of resources
  • Overcome personal barriers that restrict professional growth, clearing the way for achieving significant business milestones
  • Harness feminine traits such as magnetism, openness, and creativity, allowing you to lead with authenticity and foster a work environment full of flow and inspiration


Get to Know Jenni & Essi

Jenni Demus is a seasoned professional dedicated to empowering leaders and teams within organizations to achieve both internal and external growth without sacrificing mental health and well-being. She has over 12 years of experience as a Coach and Mental Health Therapist.

She is also a published author, having written the insightful guidebook "I Love Therefore I Am – 30 Steps to Inner Power". Since becoming a mother, Jenni has found a deeper connection to her sensitivity and authenticity, infusing these qualities into her practice to create more empathetic and supportive spaces for her clients.

Currently, Jenni is deeply engaged in researching psychological safety within two global corporations as part of her pursuit of a business transformation degree (MBA). She strongly believes that psychological safety is a fundamental pillar for the success of leaders, teams, and businesses alike.


Essi Koski-Lammi is uniquely skilled in guiding individuals and businesses toward their highest potential. She integrates over a decade of international business experience, an MSc in Business studies, and a strong background in building global lifestyle brands with over 20 years of spiritual know-how.

She is an Inner Alignment Coach, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Healer, Interior Designer, and the founder of Ettinordic. She empowers customers, whether individuals or business executives, to thrive and flourish personally or professionally. In addition to her coaching services, she creates healing spaces for businesses and individuals through conscious interior design, fostering greater harmony and well-being in their lives.


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