New at Crush: Bazaar

crush event Mar 12, 2024
Crush Bazaar

The Expo area turns into a BAZAAR! 

It started as an Expo, and then we got ideas, found new partners, discovered the stunning Stock Exchange Building space... and now Crush also includes a Bazaar, a shopping experience.

We recommend coming early for the ticket registration so you will be among the first to check out the Bazaar, and staying after the conference to see more during the Afterwork Party. 

Here are just a few of Bazaar experiences what you can expect. We will save the rest as a surprise.   


You be the star at the CRUSH x SHIFT video booth! Come to shoot a video to share your view. 

These one-minute-videos will be shared on social media, on Crush's or Shift's channels - or both! You are welcome to post the video as well. Use this as an opportunity to take part of the conversation and get visibility. 

Shift Business Festival is held on 29.-30.5.2024 in Turku, and you will meet the CEO of Shift, Carita Varjonen, and other Shift team members. 


Meet authors & buy signed books at the Akateeminen bookstore pop-up shop. Authors are Rebel Leaders, who change the world with their words, and it's super important to us to have this as part of Crush. 

Just some of the authors who you can meet at the Akateeminen Kirjakauppa pop-up shop: 

  • Our keynote speaker Lola Akinmade Åkerström, with her books Everything is Not Enough (2023, Bloomsbury Publishing) and In Every Mirror She's Black (2021, Bloomsbury Publishing). 
  • Our keynote speaker Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite, who co-wrote the book Big Rich Money: How To Turn Your Business Intentions Into a Profitable Company (2021, Insider Society) with the Finnish-version Big Rich Money: miten tehdä yrittäjän unelmista kannattavaa liiketoimintaa (2021, Basam Books) together with our co-founder Katja Presnal. Crush will be the first time this writer duo is together in years - yes, they even wrote the book fully virtually together. 
  • Our Founders-stage host Maija Ilmoniemi, with her book Yksinäinen (2021, Otava).
  • Last year's Crush speaker alumni Riina Laaksonen with book Nordic Fit Mama - Äidin hyvinvointi (2023, ReadMe). 

We also want to highlight that our speaker Janiina Lammi's book Suuri Huiputus (2024, Gummerus) is launching right after Crush in June. You can't purchase her book yet, but you can get the inside scoop about the book already at Crush. 

Check out the Akateeminen pop-up shop first thing on the morning for the author schedule. 



Are you curious about entrepreneurship and how to get started super-duper easy? You will want to chat with about their easy invoicing and accounting services for entrepreneurs, small companies, freelancers, solopreneurs and light entrepreneurs. If our conference made you want to get started with entrepreneurship as fast as possible, offers great and easy solutions for that. 



Shop with a purpose from our vendors. "Voting with your wallet" aka buying products only from companies that align with your values is the easiest way to take action. Meet brands, small and big, and learn why they align with Crush's message. 

One of our partners is, who offers product design & development services under the Fair Trade principles. 

You will support also Crush Movement by purchasing from our vendors. Sponsors and partners make our event possible, and lower the ticket costs for you. Follow our social media channels to find out more of our pop-up shops before the event. 



You are beautiful as you are! But if you want to be in the know of some of the latest beauty and hair products, we got you covered. 

Aspire Brands and Nordic Beauty Inc will share their secrets - and best products, and Mauve's hair and beauty professionals can help with a quick hairdo if you want to freshen up for your video interview or Afterwork Party. 

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