Crush Event Host: Maija Ilmoniemi, Journalist, Author, and Coach

crush event Mar 12, 2024
Maija Ilmoniemi

Introducing Crush Stage Host and MC

Maija Ilmoniemi will be the stage host of the Founders Stage. The Founders Stage is sponsored by

Maija Ilmoniemi, a dynamic communications and media professional, serves as a versatile presenter, journalist, author, and coach. 

Maija believes in the transformative power of smiles and laughter, aiming to be a catalyst for improved interactions and meaningful connections between people, addressing concerns about societal loneliness.

With a background in communication studies from the University of Helsinki, Maija has seamlessly integrated performance and media coaching into her career.  Her unique blend of skills as a journalist and presenter, enriched by acting studies at Teatterikorkeakoulu, contributes to a dynamic and impactful speaker presence.

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