Crush Event Speaker: Jenni Kynnös, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, CEO of Moretime

Mar 12, 2024
Jenni Kynnös

Introducing Crush Speaker

Jenni Kynnös is a serial Entrepreneur, an angel investor and currently serves as the CEO of Moretime. 

Jenni Kynnös was seen as an investor at the Finnish Shark Tank TV Show, the Leijonan Luola, in the last season, where she invested into several companies.

Jenni founded the social media company MySome when she was 24 years old, grew it to a million turnover in a few years, and made an exit in 2021 becoming a millionaire before turning thirty.

Jenni thought she would take a little sabbatical, but instead, she started a new company with her husband in a field she had no experience with.

Moretime automates routine financial management tasks, already employs more than 10 people, and is on a solid growth path.

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