Crush Speaker: Kristina Masalin, Product Manager ŌURA

crush event Apr 30, 2024
Kristina Masalin, Product Manager ŌURA


Introducing Crush Speaker

Kristina Masalin is a Product Manager at ŌURA focused on developing innovative solutions to promote overall health and longevity. Prior to this, Kristina focused exclusively on building women’s health features and was part of the team responsible for introducing first-of-its-kind features for Oura, including Period Prediction and Cycle Insights and more. She has been a key contributor in driving areas of strategic innovation for the company and continues to set the product vision and strategy for her team.

Kristina joined Oura with more than a decade of experience in building products and new digital innovations across various industries, including music, e-learning, and wholesale. With a strong passion for using technology to solve problems, she is dedicated to creating inclusive solutions that bridge the gap in the tech industry and empower women. Outside of her time at Oura, Kristina actively mentors women to help them navigate their careers and achieve their professional goals.

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