Crush Event Speaker: Meri-Tuuli Laaksonen, Co-Founder, Gubbe

crush event Mar 11, 2024
Meri-Tuuli Laaksonen

Introducing Crush Event Speaker

Meri-Tuuli Laaksonen is one of the founders of Gubbe elderly care service.

Gubbe is the most impressive service for the elderly in Finland, offering regular care services for the elderly throughout Finland. Elderly people receive unhurried care from a Gubbe assistant, at home or in assisted living facilities. The help can be, for example, going outside, cooking, doing crafts together. Gubbe already operates in Sweden and the UK, but the rest of Europe and the United States are also on the horizon.

Last year, Gubbe raised a four-million-euro funding, a rare sum for female founders, and the goal is to grow Gubbe into a billion-dollar company.



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