Crush Event Speaker: Priyanka Banerjee, Partner, DEI Consultant, deidei

crush event Apr 30, 2024
Priyanka Banerjee, Partner, DEI Consultant, deidei

Introducing Crush Speaker

Priyanka Banerjee is an experienced diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant. She works closely with companies to kick-start and advance their DEI journey by helping them with their DEI survey, analysis, strategy development, learning development, facilitation and consulting. 

Priyanka has a background working in the tech industry supporting the HR and people operations. She has been actively working in DEI industry for over 6 years and has helped hundreds of leaders in their DEI journeys. 

Her mission is to help leaders and companies understand the power of diversity and utilize it to unleash the hidden potential of their teams. She believes immigration has huge potential in the Nordics and is committed to developing ways for leaders to accelerate workforce integration in their companies.

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