Crush Event Speaker: Rasheka Scott, Lawyer and Board Member

crush event Mar 14, 2024
Rasheka Scott, Lawyer and Board Member

Crush Speaker Introduction 

Rasheka Scott is a distinguished multilingual Jamaican-Finnish lawyer with 15 years of experience in private practice, specializing in intellectual property, commercial contracts, data protection, and immigration law. Renowned for a business-focused approach, a pedagogical style and approachability, Rasheka ensures tailored solutions for both Finnish and international startup and scaleup companies.

Ms. Rasheka Scott, previously the head of intellectual property practice in a tech law firm, brings years of expertise in the same domain. With a focus on branding, copyright, marketing law, trademark and design rights registration and protection, Ms. Scott is a seasoned advisor for companies. Her extensive experience includes anti-counterfeiting work for luxury brands.

Ms. Scott has contributed her legal acumen to a major Finnish law firm, a patent firm, and an innovative legal services company in Helsinki. Together, they offer comprehensive legal services, including trainings, workshops, board memberships, and engaging keynotes/panels in both English and Finnish. Prospective clients are invited to contact Ms. Scott to explore how her international experience and specialized knowledge can contribute to their legal needs and discussions.

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